Monday, June 18, 2012


hai..continue the stoli as I stoli flashback two week ago..i and ofismate was invited to attend wedding party at JW MARRIOT HOTEL..emm at first I penin gak la nak cari outfit yang suit with this function..y? wedding je tp nape I kalut bagai…huhu..actly this Chinese wedding..our respect client/sharepartner..ting.tong.ting.tong..bunyi duit nak kuar baju ape ni..=.=
k entry di karut laju2 coz battery dah low..i mals nak cari charger..ape hala lak I cite ni kan..hihi..dah tu I terus publish gambo je la..bleh kan..bleh kan..
jom melantak makanan free..hihi..the menu's are.
1)      hot and cold water-Chinese tea...

2)      mix vegetables…lupe la name..pjg sgt..tapi yang pasti ada pelbagai sayur..
3)      soup yang macam jeli..yg ni bestttt

4)      ayam goring kot..haha..deep fried chicken lol
5) deep fried prawn with mayonese
6) steamed red grouper with superior soya sauce 

yg kat bawah ni xsempat nak tangkap gmbr sbb terpegun tgk the brides, cantekkkkkk….kasi taw name je la ek..hiihi..

7)      braised broccoli with two varieties of mushroom…plg liat nak telan.
8)      Fried rice with assorted seafood
9)      Lotus seed sesame ball –xsempat nak makan
10)       Sweet sea coconut with red dates

First time pegi Chinese wedding, mmg suatu experienced yg sgt berguna..yela sblm ni kita just pg malay wedding je kan..boleh la taw diarg pnya party cane,mostly diarg buat dekat hotel2 and ada minum2….tp thid party diarg respect muslims la coz this party mere  to appriaciate their business the food halal and when time to drink2 tu they allowed us to go out so..we alls go out teach me so many thing!
Dalam nak tnggu diarang habis cheer2 tu, we all dun know what to do take out the camera and snap2 lol..jom**** ****nape muka jd tembam..demok dah sya..

site engine**kimee and din..sempoi habesss

3 of, siti, hajar

putih melepak berdiri kat belakang tu our senior, evelyn..

bride & groom

xde org nak tlg amek gambo, semua pict gambo muka je..sedih..=.=

me and evelyn

evelyn and our accounts exec (angie)

hajar and evelyn
 thats all..entry plg serabai k..


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