Tuesday, April 5, 2011

seminar " resume bergaya-temuduga berinspirasi "

how are u today?..hopefully semua dlm keadaan sihat walafiat la ek...
skrg mau stoli prog yg mis ain atend last saturday..
mybe it will give some info 4 those yg dah nak bergraduate..

seminar ni di anjurkan oleh BANK RAKYAT dgn kerjasama FAKULTI SAINS..
the objective to give some tips n info how to write a resume n how to handle our interview..

 so, i was decided want to attend this prog..
even malas gler nak wake-up so early monim...
dreesing must like want to go intebiu...
soo......let check out our dressing..


todoy i chose blue..since pink is not suitable 4 intebiu..

me n ieka...

me n lisa..macam nak nasyid pun da..

mmg byk sgt tips yg kami dpt dari seminar ni...em zaman dah berubah..resume skrg dah xmacam resume dlu...we must make a resume as short as we can..5 page 2 dah sgt byk...huhu..bile duk belek resume aku..alamakkk..lebey 5 page kot....cover letter pun bt simple2 je.


*the word" resume" at the top of the resume  
*rambling objective statement..
*salary infomation
*full adress of former employers
*reasons for leaving the jobs
*a "personal" section or personal statistics
* name of supervisors in each job
*anything that is controversial

see?? how different resume format now..before this we are asked to writw all about our infomation, but now just make it simple but interesting..but seriously i said, 4 almost 5hour i listening i still dunt no how to make it so simple as he said..huhu...**pergghhh macm byk je kan aktiviti aku yg nak list?...>>blur>>

dr mad isa kassim..>>dr mosaka>

second part of our prog is interview section-it just like before..nothing change..must confident, dressing well, attitude..cheer n smile n eyes contact...girl r encourage to wear a high heel...it important!! it can make u walk better n not too bongkok...aslo to show ur confident level... prepare ur self 4 the question that may be asked by inteviewer..make a revision about the company n plez bring the PEN..
dont do this awhile wating the intebiu turn.. !!hihihi..

NI time discus nak bt cover letter....

ok that all 4 the info that i can share with u alls..hopefully it can help u readers...
ok...time to show our t-shirt..sponsored by BANK RAKYAT..
also get a certificate
n makan free...beshh sgt makanan dia...jimat dah aku hri 2..hihi..

student yg join...baguih diarg nii...
ok..selepas ni nak bt resume yg luar biasa n nak fight 4 the intebiu...moga da rezki saya utk dapat kerja yang baik..boleh tulun mak ayah..adik beradik...org susah..realisasikan impian...dah tuuuttttttttt....hihihi***

k stop here..bye2

program: seminar  " resume bergaya-temuduga berinspirasi "
date: 2april 2011
venue: bilik sainstis gemilang
by: dr md isa b kasim

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