Wednesday, July 20, 2011


everyone has their hope n dream..same with me..every single time i alwys think and think how to make my hope n wish become reality..eventhoug i dun know what wiil happen in the  future i still want to fight to get what i want..for me as long as i have my hope,my dream, i wil..will go through for every challenge that could i face..even i also dun know i still have a strenght if i drop,even i dunt i will cry if i sick or tired..even i will be hated,even i will be loved...i still dun know..i just hope when drop i will have a strenght to come back,to stand up,to make it back and to start back...i just hope i never lost my hope n my dream...hope+dream make my life more meaningful...even i dunt know that will become true or not..but at least it give me more2 and more support,confident that i also can do...

i just want be a girl..
like i wanna be..
enjoyed what i have..
try as i can..
to fulfill all my dream..
my hope..
my responsible...
hope.hope.hope..hopefully it will be mine..amin..

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